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Russell & Lazarus APC 

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1401 Dove St #310
Newport Beach, California 92660
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They are committed to exclusively serving individuals who have been involved in serious accidents where injuries or death have occured.

The law firm of Russell & Lazarus has achieved a 95% success rate in the handling of more than 2,500 personal injury claims since 1998 and in handling over 5,000 claims since 1984. Russell & Lazarus has a reputation of providing outstanding and aggressive legal representation.

Every team member works diligently to insure that personal attention is given to our clients. The firm is committed to being selective when choosing clients. In fact it is part of the firm’s Mission Statement that their clients are best served through the “…individual attention that can be provided to a select group of clients…” as opposed to trying to compete with other law firms that have a philosophy of “the more clients the better”, who end up representing clients who never get the attention they deserve.


Chris Russell