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Green Collections LLC 

932 Wilson Street, Unit 2A
Los Angeles, California 90021
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Our roads are becoming more dangerous by the day, with accidents happening more frequently than ever. You might hit somebody’s car- due to your own mistake or somebody else’ fault. How can you tell? With Ojocam’s dash camera, you can record entire incidents now. You never know what you might catch with your high definition dash camera! Furthermore, with Ojocam’s cameras, you can show police officers exactly what happened, if you happened to be involved in an incident. If someone hits your car and tries to make fraudulent insurance claims, you can save yourself with the digital record of what really happened. The built-in G-sensor in the Ojocam can provide impact detection and automatically save video clips. You definitely won’t be a scam victim! To learn more about the Ojocam dash camera, please visit To learn more about the camera, drop by


Lawrence Cao